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Online Shopping

Online Shopping: Are You Addicted Yet?

The power of “add to basket” button

Generally when people browse retailers, or web pages that sell certain products or services want to have a buying option. Not having an e-commerce solution it’s a huge mistake. It’s 2017, a period where annoying shoppers by reminding them to visit a physical store is not considered cool, especially when shoppers love the online experience. How much ever sparkle and fun it adds to your pexels-photo-230544Saturday visiting a mall for shopping fares lower than online shopping where experience is concerned, the latter is far better, and doesn’t require leaving the house, office or the place of being at the moment!

Unless selling goods for old people, most retailers consider their customers as digital and contemporary. They like to have their options open and not waste too much time. They want to be able to quickly and easily look for what they want, find it and buy it. Online shopping not only is faster, better and much, much easier for them, it quickly becomes their only shopping option.

E-commerce will become a ‘traditional’ business, says Alibaba’s Chairman and former CEO, Jack Ma “We anticipate the birth of a re-imagined retail industry driven by the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain.”

It’s in your phone, so you shop on the go
The “everywhere convenience” can easily create the first online shopping addiction. Shop wherever you are, whether in the office, at home, while waiting in the car for the lights to turn green, Online shoppingwhile lying on the beach or before going to bed at night. The Online shopping platforms are open 24×7. And for no-timers, this might be on the top of the why-shop-online list.

Addiction grows bigger knowing that a shopper, in online shopping model, has the power to compare prices from different sellers just in a matter of clicks. The freedom of choosing the best and most affordable product online, while saving time and energy is a blast!

It’s you and you only

Let’s say you are a tech freak or you really, really want to be the first to get the hands on some new or discounted item. Well, new arrivals or big discounts pull crowds in stores. This possibility makes online shopping a paradise if you hate crowds. Plus, nowadays online sales tend to have more significant discounts than offline ones. Take Black Friday and Cyber Monday for instance. So, no spending your precious time, no waiting in lines and no driving (so no traffic jams). It will only take a simple browsing and just a few clicks, whilst wearing your favorite pajamas. Maybe this crowd avoidance is the most obvious benefit to get you hooked on online shopping. Well, if not…

There’s everything online!

Were you thinking about green sunglasses? Bam! OEMFD40You found them online. You would even find better red ones. When shopping online, there are much more products and many more options. A thousand styles, color combinations and price ranges. Are you shopping for the whole family? No problem, it’s done in few tabs only. Instead of wandering around multiple stores you can choose from the variety of online products. You can easily shop at multiple stores at the same time. And even more important, online stores never close up! Payment is always available via your credit card, or yet more, there is pay-on-delivery option to pamper you even further.

No more Out-of-stock freak outs

How many times have you gone to the mall to buy some new clothes and your number or color was out of stock? Almost always in offline sales, all good products are gone in no time. But not online! If out of stock, you can still order it and receive it as soon as it becomes available again. Email subscription to your favorite online stores makes things even easier. You get notified of new arrivals, sales or products coming back in stock again. In short, there is a slight or no chance at all that you miss buying your favorite products online.

The addiction has grown bigger, right?

You have developed an everyday habit of revisiting several retailers to see if they have promotions, sales or new arrivals. There is always an opened tab of an online store or you have a full shopping cart in your browser, waiting for the “buy now” click. Your mailman has your cell phone number. And he’s calling on the weekly basis. You get carried away and shop from work. Almost all the websites you online shoppingvisit have ads and banners from your online stores. Your inbox is full of promotional emails, codes and discount newsletters. Discount or sale emails give you heebie-jeebies. You’ve learned your way and shop only from free shipping and free return stores. You’ve started receiving packages you forgot to order or something you ordered twice since you forgot to order it the first time. You get a bit depressed every time an item you want is “sold out” or hasn’t arrived on time and you “needed just that”. When your friends invite you to the mall, you quickly respond with “I can order that online.” You have more than one shopping mobile apps. And finally, you are stressed out every time an item that arrives is not as you’ve expected.

Well, face it; you might be addicted to online shopping. Congratulations.


Marija Stardelova                                                                                                                                              Marketing Specialist and Blogger, Orange Interactive Technology

Travel planning

Sites and apps a traveler should use, like, NOW!


Moving past January, it is time to start planning your next big travel. So many places, so little time, right. Well, let’s help you take the hassle out of your next travel with a few tech solutions. Choosing an app or a good travel website can be time-consuming, and we hope to be of help by providing you some of the best free travel apps and most useful travel related websites for 2017. Let’s make the where-to-go and where-to-stay a bit easier and maybe even flawless! From finding interesting and rarely explored routes, to finding the cheapest flights and accommodation, to helping you experience the cities like a local, these apps and websites we’ve chosen for you will ease out the planning and make your travel more enjoyable.

Flights, Planning and Travel routes

Planning can be a nightmare, but at the same time it’s challenging and fun; getting to know all those places, routes and flight combinations. Here are a few websites/apps to give you some ideas, insights and to ease your travel planning and costs.

pexels-photo – is a flight generator, helping you to book your next vacation at lowest prices. Actually, it might be one of the best flight generators out there. How? The fast and really efficient website (and app as well) is getting the best deals and discounts from over 450 airlines showing you the cheapest, shortest and smartest option for flight tickets. You can easily choose flight options, companies and other services like great deals for hotels, cars or combo deals at best prices. The mobile app is fast and free and you can download it for iPhone or Android.

rome2rio – this is one of the best online trip planning platforms out there, helping you discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, car and ferry. The website (and app ) calculates all the possible routes for your desired destination (or an entire trip), giving you options for different transportation combinations together with pricing and approximate time of arrival. Rome2Rio’s travel search engine contains route information from over 4,800 transport operators in over 158 countries. The website even provides accommodation, car hire and suggests things to do in the selected destination. The mobile app is easy-to-use, free and you can download it for iPhone or Android.


utrip – is a free and easy to use travel-planning platform providing travelers the greatest planning and traveling experience. The platform makes it easy for travelers to create their perfect trip quickly and in a matter of clicks, combining the best of both worlds-artificial intelligence and human experience. Having a vast travel database curated by local area experts the traveler can not only choose their destination but also their interest, budgets and traveling preferences. The powerful AI algorithm on the platform creates millions of potential combinations and possibilities for the travelers’ profile. This may include hotels, sites, activities and restaurants, creating a personalized day-by-day journey with maps. Unfortunately, this AWESOME platform still has limited places inboard. The mobile app is free, and you can download it for iPhone or Android.

Holiday pirates – pirates indeed, this platform offers amazing and unimaginable last minute offers. You can browse through the offered deals or start searching your own. It generates the cheapest accommodation and travel options and gives you last minute deals for the desired places. Its only fault is that the service is not enabled worldwide. You can only choose the deals originating in 11 countries. So, if you search deals from the UK, you’ll have to plan the trip to the UK first. The mobile app is also free and you can download it for iPhone or Android.

Flightstats – as the name says, Flightstats is a global flight tracking platform. It provides flight status, tracker and sends flight alerts. You need to know the airline company and the flight number in order to get tracking. The platform also provides airport overview, shows the departures, arrivals, maps and tracking of airports. It’s a great tool for busy schedules, connection flights or if you have to wait for your friends arrival. Their app is also free of charge and you can download it for iPhone or Android.

Booking and Accommodation

If you decide not to use trip generator and go manually and book everything, after managing your transport, you’ll need to start planning your accommodation. From our experience, we have selected some of the best lodging apps and websites so that you get the most from your trip.


Airbnb – In an era of aggregators, Airbnb became one of the best platforms for accommodation. Making you feel at home, staying at people’s homes or even with them can be a truly enriching cultural experience. Both the website and the mobile app are well organized, helping you find the perfect accommodation for your trip, based on your budget, preferences, and interests. You can browse through hosts’ feedback and you can also chat with them for any questions. From our experience, Airbnb is a great and quite affordable service for group travelers. Hosts are almost always very polite and helpful and if you’re up to it, they can make your trip local-like. The mobile app is free and you can download it for iPhone and Android. – unlike airbnb where you choose to stay in people’s homes, offers you deals for hotels, hostels and rental apartments. The website (and mobile app as well) offers you great-value travel deals and place suggestion. But most importantly it has 1,138,034 properties worldwide. Most bookings are made with credit cards, but some venues do no mandate a credit card at the time of reservation – instead you can pay upon arrival. The Destination inspiration is also a cool option, which helps you find monthly destinations based on your preferences such as accommodation price, weather, and popularity. Unfortunately, hosts are not always responsive, since the emails do not go straight to them but through booking’s service, which might be a setback sometimes. The mobile apps are, however, free and you can download them by scanning their code on the website or on the following links: iPhone and Android.


Kayak – is another well-organized travel generator, providing you with accommodation options concerning hotels and private rentals. The search is generated among hundreds of hotels at once, providing the best price. You can also choose to compare the Kayak offerings with other services like,, Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline to make sure you receive the cheapest or best option. Moreover, Kayak includes a car rental generator engine, so that you don’t lose time in searching mobility options through separate car rental portals.The Kayak app is also free and can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.

Hotel Tonight – you just got notified you need to travel? No problem, because with the Hotel Tonight travel app you can book at the last moment since the site offers fantastic last-minute deals on great hotels. With downloading the app, which is, of course, free for both iPhone and Android, it’s easy for you to find a hotel at no time, even in the case of missed or canceled flights.

Getting around

Once you’ve booked everything and finally arrived at your destination, it is time to get around, experience the most out of the place you’ll stay in and more importantly not get lost. If you thought we would recommend Google maps now wait till we tell you it’s our second best app for the purpose.

navigation-1048294_1920 – is the best choice of maps for your travel. It is the fastest, the most detailed completely offline search mobile app. include the maps for the entire world (yes, even the smallest villages and islands) and not only maps – museums, restaurants, shopping malls – everything, literally everything!. The maps never freeze, you operate them smoothly zooming in and out, and with the GPS Positioning and compass, you can locate exactly where you are. The app also suggests features and points of interest. As soon as you download the app, for free for iPhone and Android, you download the maps of the places you’re about to visit, using your Wi-Fi connection and you start exploring completely Offline, saving money on roaming charges.

Google Maps – Everyone is already familiar with Google Maps, and the mobile app is considered one of the best navigation apps out there. It is another solution that also works great especially if you have saved places which are then easier to access with the suggested local transportation options. It works best when online, but you can also download some areas for offline use as well. If you don’t have it, get it here for iPhone and Android.

Uber – If you are not a fan of the public transportation and you don’t like spending time walking, there is another solution, usually cheaper than the local taxi. Again, on the platform of shared-economy apps, Uber is a ride-sharing app currently active in around 77 countries and 527 cities, making it the biggest car-sharing platform. The app enables you to easily request a ride giving you a choice of vehicle rates and fare quotes to choose. Even more convenient, you can connect with the selected driver, track the car’s location, and securely pay using a credit card. It is easier than looking for a taxi when abroad but more expensive than the public transport. Also, you can sign up for a ride, or you can become a driver yourself. The app is free for both iPhone and Android.


Citymapper – called the Ultimate Transport app is specially designed for confusing cities! The app makes A to B trip planning easier with estimated time of arrival and including all transport types (subway, bus, rail, ferry, bike and car sharing). It is the best way to find and utilize public transportation. Citymapper is a great solution if you are a first-timer in a city and using the public transport. The app displays the arrival and departure schedules of all available transport means and what’s even better, you can add and subscribe to particular train or bus lines, and the app will send notifications when you need to get off.The app is available on the web and also free to download for iPhone and Android as well.

Where to go next

We’ve got you covered with the transport and getting out and about at your destination, now we get to the fun part! Want to try the local specialties, the best cuisine or just need a cup of extra tasty coffee? Or maybe you would like to go to a museum or an art gallery? Here is a selection of apps that will help you find the best places during your stay.

handwritten-italian-marketing-menu – The best way to experience a city is by taking suggestions from locals. And has recommendations from locals neatly organized in custom tailored guides. Every traveler picks the city to travel and browses the previously created guides, exploring the best places to eat, drink, and have fun. It is the app for urban travelers, and its only flaw is that not all cities from the world are yet available, but the list grows daily. Download the iPhone and Android app for free.


Trip advisor – is the biggest site for travel insights, reviews, and suggestions. It includes hotels, holiday rentals, things to do, restaurants and flights, but most important of all; it includes local picks, customer opinions and user rated experience. It will help you decide where you wanna grab something to eat based on the client reviews. It includes a wide range of guides, whether you want to choose a budget eats or a luxury one or you want to experience the local cuisine, culture and landmarks. Trip advisor is the largest and most popular web platform also serving all mobile platforms, so you can easily download it for free for iPhone, Android, Microsoft.

Google Trips – Well, it’s Google’s relatively new travel tool, helping travelers plan and organize their travels in all-in-one platform. From having all your reservation and confirmation numbers pulled from your Gmail or other inbox, to suggesting you must-visit places, to automatically discovering new sights, and tracking your travel info at all time. Google Trips also stores all the data offline, so you can access them at any time. So you don’t have much to do, the app does almost everything for you. You can download it for free, for iPhone and Android and enjoy your travel.

Guides by Lonely planet – the newest addition to the Lonely planet family, the Guides – is helping the ultimate travelers to get to know the destinations to the core directly from their mobile device. Whether you want to explore the best destinations or you want to know more about your next travel destination, Guides offers you useful tips and advice from on-the-ground experts making the Guides the ultimate travel resource. Get the iPhone and Android apps now for free and start exploring for your next trip!


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Foursquare – ultimately, but still imminent Foursquare is widely popular and most commonly used application for finding the best places in the area. Working online, you’re able to locate the coolest places the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area. And how do you know the places are good? Well from user check-ins and reviews. For years now users have been checking into places, posting photos of their food, drink or favorite places first via Foursquare itself and later via Swarm, making the app the best tool for discovering hidden places. It’s a must, and you better try not to forget using it on your next trip. Explore via your iPhone, Android or Windows for free.

There are of course many other apps and websites you can use for travel assistance, but this is our little selection. We’ve used them, and we’re quite happy with the provided experience. Don’t forget to snap everything from your trip, check in on Facebook and post the photos on Instagram as well, since no travel is ever complete without these two apps, right?

Feel free to tell us how you found our suggestions; if you liked us, we’d send you newer and better apps as they arrive.


Marija Stardelova                                                                                                                                   Marketing Specialist and Blogger, Orange Interactive Technology


Virtual Reality: You can’t help but say “WOW!”

Familiarity with VR

By now, you don’t have to be a tech geek to be familiar with Virtual Reality and its influence to modern living. But just in case, probably the shortest and simplest explanation about VR you’ll ever get is that Virtual Reality is a computer generated environment that enables you to experience a different reality.

How VR works


By using several software technologies that generate realistic images, sounds and other sensations, combined with hardware devices (display screens, goggles and headsets), VR replicates a real environment, creating a certain imaginary setting. Through simulating a user’s physical presence in a given environment by looking around and moving around in it and enabling him to interact with the space, creating artificial sensory experiences like sight, touch, hearing it opens up a new, never before explored dimension of user experience.

By now, VR comes in several different forms to choose from – the cheap headsets that work with your phone or the much more expensive options that require a powerful PC or gaming console and some space to move around. Whichever you choose, the VR set will visually separate you from the space you are physically in and take you to the places you’ve always wanted to visit; it will engage you in a video game without moving from your couch or let you experience a movie as if you are part of it.

How can VR help in easier living?

Having all things in mind, the big question inevitably pops up: So, with such power, how can the VR help people in making their lives easier. Well…. It kinda does…

Architecture: Trends come to a time where architecture becomes virtual before it comes real. Nowadays, users can step inside a virtual building, look around in all directions, walk into rooms, climb stairs or even walk along the edges of an under-construction building. In design process, architects also use VR to visualize or choose the finishing options like wood, stone, marble, and bronze… In one word, users can explore any building around the world, inside or out, including the ones that don’t yet exist… This is both terrifying and extremely useful and practical at the same time, making it easier for the user to understand and have a clear image very quickly.

Health care and Medicine: Medical VR is an area with fascinating possibilities and its benefits are truly versatile. VR simulations can be an effective treatment for everything from intense pain to Alzheimer’s disease to arachnophobia to depression. How it works: basically, the worst pain can be eased by manipulating the human mind: the less you focus on pain, the easier it feels. Hence, swamping the brain with an overload of sensory inputs and distracting the patients from reality helps them with their pain.

Whoever has gone through a hospital experience, surely knows that it can be really stressful. Moreover, this can also be a mental burden, especially for small children who miss their parents, their friends or their home. Thus, VR can make hospitalized children feel like they’re at home.

There many other useful practices of VR such as watching or performing operations, relaxing chronic patients, meditation, rehabilitation and speeding up recovery for patients who survived a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, treatment for PTSD, etc. More recently, hospitals are using VR simulations to help war veterans reviving the traumatic events they’ve experienced, in order to understand their traumas and hopefully figure out a way to deal with it.

Art and History: Believe it or not, the Louvre is one of many museums providing a unique Virtual Experience tour. Becoming an enormously high-rising trend, more and more galleries and museums are using it and creating engaging and one-of-a-kind experience tours for their visitors. Whether being high resolution artworks, 360 degrees of panoramic painting views and full exhibits, journeys through ancient temples, reconstructed versions of archaeological sites, or imagery explanation of history and heritage – the VR can bring something to people that no longer exists, even reconstruct in its original form. This is making it possible for them to experience a favorite place over and over again, in an entirely different way.


Gaming: Obviously, today video games are one of the main interests for VR. Especially that VR will give game designers the freedom to take gamers to previously unexperienced levels. Now that players can reach out and touch things or turn their head to look, instead of mastering a complex controller, a unique gaming experience and feeling as being inside of the game is possible for the first time in history.

Tourism and Lifestyle: Virtual tourism can be the next big thing. Thanks to VR now everybody could travel and visit Paris, Barcelona, New York… But why stop there? The possibilities are endless, we can conquer Mars, or even planets outside of our solar system. We can swim along whales at the bottom of the ocean, experience stampedes in the savannas, and climb the Himalayas, everything from the comfort of your home.  Whether watching a 360-degree video someone took, or experiencing a 3D generated simulation, you can now replace the real world with your dream place or destination of choice.

Education: Another great and very important advantage of VR is of course in education. berlin-1429878_1920Now, thanks to Virtual Reality students could take a class trip to ancient Rome, visit Verona to look at the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet or try an open-heart surgery without any risks. This global distribution of VR content and access will undoubtedly influence a pedagogical shift as these new technologies spread out and become more available. Some forward-thinking educators are even using 3D printers to print their own customized HMDs with their technology students.

Are there any Social aspects of VR?

But, here comes the psychological question: How being “virtually present in an artificial environment” can improve social relations? At this point, the future of virtual reality is often publicized as a dystopian view of millions of people spending hours alone each day, with huge gadgets stuck to their face, enraptured by fantastical, imaginary worlds.

If we look the other way around, it is going to be millions of people spending time together with friends, family, colleagues, and new acquaintances, experiencing moments together no matter the physical distance between them. Or in other words, no matter where on the globe, you’ll be able to be in the same room as your friends or family.

As we speek, the social platforms are implementing the VR into their content management. Just yesterday Facebook launched the 360 degree video for Facebook Live, which will sooner or later enable all users of the social platform to create even more immersive real-time content, and is the the next step towards social in virtual reality.

So, what we’ve learned so far:

Having recently experienced an amazing HTC Vive in-person, VR is definitely integrating the physical and digital. It brings people into the same environment to hang out, while enjoying different activities. It is giving participants superpowers or putting them into even more fantastical, immersive environments, unable to experience IRL. While you’re in VR, you are completely separated from reality, which only confirms with the seeing is believing philosophy.

Our practice:blond man with virtual glasses. surprised expression

We at Orange Interactive, are extremely proud to be part of the VR development, helping industries, social researches and bringing closer the new innovative technologies to people every day.


Marija Stardelova

Marketing Specialist and Blogger, Orange Interactive Technology

Customer Awareness

In the light of the new digital threat being faced by businesses in the form of Email Scams, it is critical to be aware of this growing problem.

The Business Email Scam is a misrepresentation by someone posing as an existing vendor, wherein a deceptive email is sent with details of a bank account for onward transactions.  Convincing businesses that this updates are genuine, most corporate easily fall into this trap.

This menace is now been observed in UAE too, wherein many businesses have already reported considerable losses.

To be conned by these deception artists is not as complicated as we would like to imagine, hence awareness is critical.  This starts with phishing an influential executive and gaining access to their mails, or emailing employees from a similar domain name.

Corresponding in lines with a previous email, a rapport is established.  After this, citing a genuine & believable reason, they request the payment for the next invoices be transferred to a new account.  The reasons could be as varied as problem with the existing account or any other reason.  By the time this con is realized, it is too late, with the payments and manipulators getting away with it.

To avoid falling prey to such scams, you must:

  • Ensure that your digital identities are protected and gadgets are malware free.  This will help keep your data safe and avoid misuse of your id.
  • Any requests for change in payment methods for a vendor, should be verified directly.
  • Be smart while sharing financial or personal information on the digital platform.  More often than not, this could easily fall in the wrong hands.

This is a service message, presented with the intention of social awareness to these frequently occurring email scams.  We hope you will take precautionary action on the same immediately.

Touch Me… I’m Buzzing!

For years the saying ‘Touch Me I’m Buzzing’ has been a example of modern day expressions of excitement aligning itself with the exhilarating world of technology. And the term buzzing, in particular, would normally make most of us think about receiving a call on our favourite accessory – our indispensable mobile phones. Well, many years on from the emergence of this saying and our associations with not only technology, but in particular our mobiles, is reaching new levels.

With ownership of mobile phones on the increase, at a growth rate (predicted by Cisco) at 66% year on year, it’s becoming more evident than ever just how important our little buzzers are becoming to us. Over half of the world’s population now owns a mobile phone and (according to a study done by VentureBeat) by the end of December 2015, 1.4 billion smartphones will be in use – that’s a whopping 1 smartphone for every 5 people in the world! This figure significantly surpasses that of desktop ownership and market research companies seem to all be pointing towards 1 thing – 2015 is the year that global mobile internet consumption overtakes desktop. This represents a huge shift in the consumer internet world as we know it so far.

So, apart from this being great news to all mobile phone providers, what does it this mean for the rest of our businesses? As most businesses have just got into the swing of online desktop portals like E-Commerce, does that mean we have to start all over again and redirect all our efforts now to platforms like M-Commerce*? Well I wouldn’t throw the towel in on desktop just yet… but when looking to the future we should all be taking mobile very seriously.

Let’s look at Flipkart, India’s largest E-commerce website. They run a business model not dissimilar to Amazon, but recently announced that they plan to shutdown their website within a year in a strategic move to go mobile only. Although they do currently have an app that operates alongside their website, they have assessed the growth in their app usership vs website and concluded that business would be better off if they focused all their attention on maximising the quality of the 1 platform which will provide them with the most revenue. A bold and brave decision, but for a company of such magnitude I’m sure the decision wasn’t taken lightly.

Obviously, at this stage, Flipkart’s move to mobile only isn’t for everyone. After all, online consumption differs regionally – in somewhere like India, which may have substantially less people owning a desktop and various areas with limited wifi access, it would makes sense to focus on a mobile platform which provides advantages in accessibility. However, this is definitely something worth bearing in mind when planning your future business strategy. Initially it took many companies a long time to come round to the idea of implementing social media strategies as a serious part of their business plan. But now, to the shock of most of us a decade ago, the majority of companies have active Facebook and Twitter accounts. Perhaps this time round companies will be more willing to invest in future digital strategies early on instead of just playing catch up with the digital market.

So what steps should your business be taking to ensure it doesn’t fall behind?

Well a responsive, mobile friendly website is a good start (check out my last blog for more information on this).


But there is more to it… The move towards mobile is an exciting opportunity for any business. It can allow you to be more creative and adventurous than traditional online business, with more engaging ways to interact with your consumer. Things to consider range from responsive websites and building M-commerce platforms, to mobile advertising and customised mobile applications… and this is where it really starts to get interesting.

There are endless ways to engage with your consumer via a mobile app – whether it’s a game, a useful function or information source… even if its unrelated to the specific content of your business. Look at companies who have thought outside the box to build apps that don’t directly relate to their own product, but yet reach their target audience in a meaningful and engaging way. For example, drinks companies building apps that help festival goers when they’re on site or a girls sanitary brand developing an app to create a secret language for teenage girls on Facebook – that boys can’t understand! These are good examples of companies using mobile in creative ways to connect with potential consumers.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed though. As always, Orange are here to serve as your digital partner and are on hand to provide a free digital health check consultation for your business, offering advice on ways to keep your business on the right digital track.

With the development of technology more exhilarating than ever I can foresee a whole new list of technology related expressions on the horizon – and the next expression that I’m putting my money on also happens to be my advice to you: Think outside the (Smart) box!

Who knows where technology will take us in the future – but right now it’s full steam ahead with mobile. So embrace the future and next time someone says ‘Touch me… I’m buzzing!’ – tell them that they’re certainly not the only ones!
*M-Commerce = M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as cellular telephone and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Known as next-generation e-commerce, m-commerce enables users to access the Internet without needing to find a place to plug in.

Kristina Koivio
Account Manager, Orange Interactive Technology

Riding the Google Tide

As new digital practices wash in and old digital practices wash out, Google makes another big announcement that will shake up the way organic search listings were ranked. As announced by Google:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal”

So what does this new wave of information mean?

It means that whether your website is mobile-friendly or not will have a ‘significant impact’ on where you appear in the Google search engine when people are searching online.

To say there are a multitude of different ways to improve your search engine ranking would be an understatement. Long gone are the days when you could cheat your way to the top of a Google search engine by clumsily chucking in a load of keywords and vigorously linking yourself to other websites. Now, along with its customer’s online behavior, Google has become sharper and more sophisticated in how it evaluates and ranks your website online. Google’s algorithms now take into account more than dozens of different factors when deciding what your value is as a website. As of the 21st April – having a responsive, mobile friendly build is one of them; and a significant one at that.

But why bother with all of this… Is trying to push your website to the top of Google search really worth all the fuss?

Well a study conducted by Optify shows that first three organic results in Google get the best CTR. (1.result: 36.4%; 2.result: 12,5%; 3.result: 9,5%).

If user are searching for keywords that relate to your business then the majority of them will probably not even get as far as noticing your website unless you are up there alongside the SEO* savvy websites. So the decision is yours… should it be you up there getting the better bit for CTR share from your would-be devoted customers, or are you happy to let you competitors have them?

You may feel like strangling Google sometimes with all the hoops they make you jump through to reach the top of the search engine. Though webmasters have notified that it will only affect mobile searches; it will still affect a big chunk of the overall traffic to the website. Worldwide internet usage on mobile devices is already overtaking desktop in some countries and in the UAE already 50% of online traffic is accessed through mobile devices (according to We Are Social).


So it make sense. And at the end of the day Google wants to offer the best experience to its users; so their aim is to deliver the most relevant search options to the users. Equally you should want to have the best website for your customers, and if they’re viewing your website on a mobile then you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Fear not though… I’m not going to send this tidal wave of information your way and then leave you to drown. Help is always at hand and Orange are more than happy to be of service!

If you want to know if your website is mobile friendly, or if it’s search engine optimization in general, we are currently offering a complimentary Search Engine Optimization Analysis; we run a strict ‘service with a smile’ only policy here at Orange!

So please feel welcome to get in touch and find out how you can surf that Google tidal wave. But be prepared for an exciting ride – the current can change at any minute… we all need to keep on our toes if we’re riding the digital surf board.

*Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in search engines – often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results.

Kristina Koivio
Account Manager, Orange Interactive Technology