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YouTube’s Director Onsite: Low-Cost Video Advertising For All Marketers

Ever heard of YouTube’s ‘Director Onsite’? This option allows the owners of small businesses to advertise on YouTube with higher quality videos, for a small fee. All you have to do is contact YouTube’s marketing team and arrange for a director to come to your shop, to make a short, creative shoot that’ll last for not more than a few hours. In return, you’ll receive a cool, HQ video worth showing to the world, to attract more customers and sell more products or services. Sounds cool, right?

director www.oi-me.com

There are two ways to use the Director Onsite for your business. You will need to spend at least $150 on advertising the same video once it’s completed. There’s another, free of charge method, but it’s currently available only on iOS devices. Users download the app on their smartphones and are able to follow a step-by-step guide to creating perfect videos – even if they have zero knowledge on the topic.

As the above-mentioned, the whole process doesn’t last more than a few hours, as it usually takes the director around 1-2 hours to write the script and another couple hours to shoot, edit and send the video to an available YouTube ads specialist. Finally, the video ad is online and running for (a minimum of) $150, where it’s shown to thousands of viewers. YouTube also offers this service at seven locations across the U.S. – San Francisco, Los Angeles,┬áChicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Boston and in New York. You may also check if they are filming in your area by visiting this link (https://director.youtube.com/on-site/#/) and enter your town’s zip code.


To summarize, it’s much better to let a professional make your video ad than trying it by yourself. This pleasure will cost you $150, but it will also save you time and money. Currently, there are no real cons except that it’s limited to but a few major U.S. cities. The expansion will continue, so expect a YouTube director in your town very soon!