Day Or Night: What Is The Optimal Time To Do Study?

Category : Water Cooler

Is the daytime or nighttime better for studying? Here’s what the research says about studying the effectiveness at different times. For students, settling down and focusing is key to a successful academic life. Yet with so many distractions around — smartphones, streaming, the internet — an engaging session of homework can be more elusive than Read More

Why Go Digital Before 2020 Ends? Pro-Business Tips

Category : General

Digital transformation is significant for business growth, and several studies have shown that bringing change in businesses with SEO for recruitment agencies. Either you collaborate with different firms or engage in modern ways with the customers. Recent studies have shown that digital transformation forecasts reach 2.3 trillion dollars in 2023 due to spending on technologies and Read More

What Should I Do If I’ve Been hacked?

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IThere’s nothing scarier in the modern era than being hacked. So much of our lives and lifestyles are tied to the Internet, and turning the computer on one day to discover that you can’t log in to your email or social media accounts because a hacker has gained access to them is an incredibly stressful Read More

Orange Interactive Technology Awarded as Top B2B Company in Dubai by Clutch!

Category : Clutch

Orange Interactive Technology crafts a unique digital experience for your customers. We’re a team of creative technologists and centennial marketers. We work alongside our clients identifying what drives their business and how customers interact with their brands.Clutch is a B2B market research firm that connects service providers and buyers through data and verified research. Central Read More

Why you shouldn’t stop SEO in these tough times

Why you shouldn’t stop SEO in these tough times

Category : SEO

Search Engine Optimization, simply known as SEO basically describes the logic behind the ranking of websites when you perform a search on a particular search engine. For beginners, let’s start with what SEO is and why it holds the key to boosting the presence of your business website online. In a nutshell, we can define Read More

Information Age: 5 Common Fears About Technology

Information Age: 5 Common Fears About Technology

Category : General

The modern world has ushered in many changes. Arguably one of the biggest changes is the growing number of advancements in technology. There was a time when the idea of a smartphone was enough to induce awe, but now, technology is bigger than ever and has even expanded into funerals.  Advancements such as these evoke Read More

cloud computing

4 Big Cloud Computing Trends Impacting Enterprise

Category : General

Cloud computing has become one of the most defining trends in the past five years. Plenty of enterprises have been utilizing cloud computing for business transformation and in the modernization of existing information technology infrastructure.  Investments in cloud computing have also had some steady growth, and the market is expected to hit an annual growth Read More

The Importance Of Choosing The Right RPA Partner

Category : General

RPA is revolutionizing the way we do business; a sweeping statement perhaps, but one that is becoming truer by the day. Described as transformational and even disruptive, RPA is being used to automate a wide range of routine tasks in almost every industry from finance and HR to IT and marketing. Organizations across the globe Read More

Remote Work Plan

COVID-19: Why Your Business Needs An Emergency Remote Work Plan

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Despite spreading rapidly across the globe, COVID-19 (colloquially known as the coronavirus) is also highlighting how thousands of businesses can be disrupted when employees are not able to come into work.  Some of the world’s largest companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon have already told thousands of their employees to work from Read More

Orange Interactive Technology Appreciates Our Team’s Efforts!

Category : General

Often, when we picture Dubai, we think of a glistening, modern city with huge skyscrapers, fancy cars, and five-star hotels. But tucked away among all of the city’s glamor is a large population of small businesses. How large? One recent study says 97% of businesses in Dubai are small and micro-sized.  Here at Orange Interactive Read More

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