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Information Age: 5 Common Fears About Technology

Information Age: 5 Common Fears About Technology

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The modern world has ushered in many changes. Arguably one of the biggest changes is the growing number of advancements in technology. There was a time when the idea of a smartphone was enough to induce awe, but now, technology is bigger than ever and has even expanded into funerals.  Advancements such as these evoke Read More

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4 Big Cloud Computing Trends Impacting Enterprise

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Cloud computing has become one of the most defining trends in the past five years. Plenty of enterprises have been utilizing cloud computing for business transformation and in the modernization of existing information technology infrastructure.  Investments in cloud computing have also had some steady growth, and the market is expected to hit an annual growth Read More

Remote Work Plan

COVID-19: Why Your Business Needs An Emergency Remote Work Plan

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Despite spreading rapidly across the globe, COVID-19 (colloquially known as the coronavirus) is also highlighting how thousands of businesses can be disrupted when employees are not able to come into work.  Some of the world’s largest companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon have already told thousands of their employees to work from Read More

How New Technology Reshapes The Way Employers Hire New Workers

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Nearly half (45%) of businesses hired workers in the past year specifically for their technical skills. But in the same time frame, 10% of businesses have laid off employees due to new technology. These divergent trends are creating growing anxiety in the workplace, according to a new survey conducted by Clutch, a leading B2B research and Read More

The power of wearables: are they helping us?

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Today each and every one of us has some tech assistance gadget. Whether it is a Google glass, a Garmin, or Apple watch, or GPS running or sleeping bracelet, we’re wearing technology. And out of all technology items, wearable gadgets are the ones to have the most intimate connection to people, since they are worn Read More

Does internet connectivity matter more than human connectivity?

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World’s rapid move towards omnipresent connectivity is constantly changing how and where people go and what they do. The internet connectivity has been and continues to be changing the way how people associate, gather and share information and consume media and information. Recent researches show that the Internet will be so approachable and effortless that Read More

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Maximizing email marketing success

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Emails are forever Yes, we’re consuming the social days and people mostly receive all the information from the Social Medias. But in Marketing terms, some goodies like direct marketing and Email Marketing are essential in every brand’s strategy. You may find this strange, since Social Medias segment your audience like no other media can, but Read More

E-commerce Marketing trends for 2017

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Online shoppers are here to stay It is already the fourth month of 2017. By now, the total number of internet users worldwide has reached 3.5 billion from which 40% have bought at least one thing online. Or in plain numbers, that means that at this moment there are more than 1.4 billion customers worldwide Read More

Creating videos for the multiscreen world

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Living the Screen Age We are yet not aware how quickly the screens have taken over our lives. From an information tool, the screens have become a sole provider of not only information, but also entertainment, connectivity, communication, transactions, controlling, education and even friendship… Today, there is a different screen for every purpose and every Read More


Smart cities, are we living there?

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IoT is changing the game We are all digitalists. Modern citizens living in a modern, digitalized era. Every day we wake up more connected and more productive thanks to the tools and devices out there helping us to have all the complex things in life done simpler. What was once the Internet is now The Read More

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