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No history has ever been written without a story. And our story is special. We have a few achievements, left with only the best team, a few trustworthy partners and exquisite choice of clients. Being experiential in the digital field we have conquered many firsts, achieved many deadlines and successfully managed to retain many of our first clients, agencies, and associates. Going back in time, this is how it started

The enthusiastic gathering

When a couple of fellow developers joined together to share ideas and know-how for a greater good at first seemed foolish, but after just a while the whole idea grew bigger, better and worth developing.

The kick off

Our small group got their first trusted clients and implemented their ideas into projects. It was good to know the idea has succeeded and it is now, implemented. We shared a bottle of champagne and another idea… of becoming larger in scale…

The small group becomes an establishment

In a short amount of time we grew bigger, having a great team of designers, developers and creatives to work together into delivering top-notch technology solutions. By 2008 we had a group of 15 people consolidating the ideas and knowledge and transforming it into innovative works.

Building partnerships and even stronger relationships

Now we’re bigger, better and we have our partners with us the whole time. Together with Digital Orange, Codelattice, ResNet, FuturaLabs and Netstager, we’ve managed to become a small but well-knit network working for a common goal – a better engagement, visibility and greater business success!

The work

Our knowledge, skills and ideas grew exponentially. We now design and develop websites, mobile applications, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Facebook applications. We create and deliver strategies, search engine optimization, Business Intelligence dashboards, Email Marketing. We provide various Hosting and Domain Services and much more…


We’re here now

Finally, Eight intense years later, 230 all-nighters, 730 ordered pizzas, thousands of tasks, hundreds of deadline meets, we are here now. Standing tall in the digital age. Being all-in-one digital service agency and making memorable, meaningful and awesome things.

People We have Worked With
Air Arabia
Kalyan Jewellers
Al Diar
Al Khoory
Al Rawdah
City Stay
Dubai Chamber

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